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National Taipei University of Technology

Mr Yang is now working in Blue Sky Tech Co.,Ltd
The class is opened by teacher Tang Hua-xing, from mechanism department.
Class named “non-traditional processing and experience.”

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Kun Shan university

Personnel: CIPPG0400- Huang Xiang-yi Type: Activity
Context: 1.Research topic:Laser fine drilling 
   machine technology and machine  
2.Research date:2008/1/15
3.Research organization: Blue sky tech

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Ping-tong University of Education

 Kaohsiung& Ping tong area- Technical resources center series activity
Basing yourself on Kaohsiung and Ping-tong, Taiwan, and then taking a broad view at the world:
The international communication experience shares
Time Context Speaker Place
13:40~13:50 Registration
13:50~14:00 Presentation
14:00~14:30 Holland and German Special education visiting share Yang Shu-lan, director of special education department Third confession room, floor of  five prosperous, ming-sheng school district
14:30~14:50 Curriculum design and research orientation for teaching instruction in university Speaker Fan-lin
14:50~15:10 Experiences sharing on North Europe university Speaker Chen Huanh-zhou, from R&D department
15:10~15:30 Sharing information
15:30~16:10 The combination of photo electricity and produces study lead to miracle Jack Yang, general manager of Blue sky technology
16:10~16:50 The talk of experience of cooperating with Ping Tung University of Education Dr. Xie Qi-wang, R&D leader of Ping-tong university of science and technical
16:50~17:30 Discussion k Yang, general manager of Blue sky technology

Dr. Xie Qi-wang, R&D leader of ing-tong university of science and technical
17:30~17:40 Conclusion
17:40~18:30 Discussion change and dinner

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