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Established in 1991, Blue Sky Tec Co., Ltd has researched and invented all kinds of laser equipments. We export products to everywhere and posses not only the perfect repairs but also provide the best after-sale services.

Mr. Yang has devoted to not only researching and developing but manufacturing all kinds of laser machines and systems.
The usage is applying mainly to industry.
From the supplies of power, including YAG laser and the wavelength needed for other industries.

So far, our products are LCD screen laser repairs, laser cutting machine, carving machine and so on. Most important, we pursue up-to-date products.
That is, our goods are faster, more precise and more efficient.

In the meantime, our company holds the quality assurance of zero shortcomings. We wish to view from the point of international market.
Also, we look forward to opening the eyesight in extraordinary splendor optics field with exact products and superior technology.

At present, Blue Sky Tech Co. outputs numerous of products to Japan,
U.S and all over the world. We posses the simple, basic spirit- our products are in a series of products. What’s more, the technical products are easy to operate, and practical to use. With reasonable price, we welcome you to compare with other merchandise. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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